More quirks in the latest version of WordPress

One of the great things about WordPress is the ease with which it can be updated. One button press does the job, which is so much easier than some of the other CMS’ that we work with. However, there are occasionally changes that can break older versions of themes and plugins, so it’s always worth taking a backup, and ideally testing on astaging version of the site.

We’re currently helping one client upgrade their estate to the latest version and have found a few issues that we want to share. They have been documented elsewhere, but no harm in repeating in case its helpful. The first is an upgrade to the version of jQuery and an incompatibility with older versions of Visual Composer.

We found a couple of themes where front end components in the theme weren’t working after the upgrade. Looking in Firebug we traced the issue to the following code,


searching and replacing it with


seemed to do the trick nicely and we were back in business.

Visual composer is a bit more tricky, generally what we found was that the backend editor wouldn’t load. If you bought the plugin separately then an update should be available, if you got it bundled with a theme, then your vendor should be able to support you and supply you with a new version of the theme or plugin.

If you have a recent version available, then a quick fix seems to be to replace the backend.min.js file from /wp-content/plugins/js_composer_theme/assets/js/dist.

If you are running the standard version of the plugin then the best plan is probably to overwrite the files using FTP with a the latest version ( taken from a theme update or if you have a license for the standalone version of the plugin (it’s about US$35 IIRC). Should be a straight swap, but be careful if you have a very old version of the plugin running.